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GSSHM welcome you to our hosting service.
Secure and safe websites with inexpensive service


Are you boring with promises from your provider?

No answer from your provider, about your questions?

Your domain name is not available?

You need some special or extended service?

Searching some new solution for your business or idea?

Need more secure and privacy?

To create your:

  • company presentation

  • own web shop

  • community for interests

  • website to share some information

  • product advertise

Then we are the right partner for you. We are:

  • inexpensive

  • competent

  • on the latest technology

  • able to secure your website and data



If you are not sure how to start or you are already a web-master, we will help you with our experience and equipment. Many company made a mystery about ranking or website creation and take a lot of money from you. Maybe the promise some service they can not archive and you can not measure it. Or you can not reach them after you made a contract.

If so, come to us and tell us what you need.

We not promise, we make! 100% guaranteed!
You need an inexpensive website space.
You need to secure it and need some advice.
You need to share some data to your representative.
You have trouble with your IT equipment.
You want a better ranking or you don't know about it.
You don't know how to start your website.

You don't need to look any further, you have found.


We will advice you and guide, if you want and if necessary. Your inexpensive website, is our pleasure. Your secure website is our mission.

And the best is, most of our servers are stationed in Europe.
Also we have the technology and the experience to serve your international needs. Further we can offer special verification for you that your
customer believe in your service.
Please, ask us for it.

We would like to report our success stories, however, it is us not allowed by the discretion.But of course we are pleased, if you recommend us to your friends or business partner.

Also we can offer you private IT service, please ask for it we will send you a offer for your need.
Please, understand that we can not deliver this special service in all circumstances.

Contact us now or sign in for free, with out any duty. All data you provide to us, we handle it with discretion. Connections to our system are always logged.

We use only some cookies to analyze and statistic, we not provide it to other companies!

We use our own SSL certifcate. Please, use the accept button, if you go to the secure web-sites, in your browser to connect to the site.
We excuse us for your inconvenience, we will fix the problem soon.
Thank you.



We are the right partner
for you and your business.


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